Williamsburg II 2016 Pool Rules

Pool Opening!

The pool is scheduled to open on Saturday, May 28, 2016.  The pool will be opened for weekends only through June 26,2016 when at that time the pool will be opened 7 days a week.

Wrist Bands Instead of Passes for the Pool

By now you have received the bulky envelope with those ubiquitous bracelets everyone wears in support of their favorite cause or issue.  Well now you have another one.  The thought behind these little gems is they are easy to carry, more durable and only slightly harder to forget than the paper pool pass, and a bonus is they cost less which saves the association, you, money!  I’m sorry we can’t help with forgetting to wear them on your wrist or loosing them.

Can I do that at the pool?

If you ever wondered if Swimmies are allowed in the pool or thought the lifeguard was just making it up as he tells you there is no glass containers allowed at the pool here are the rules for our pool to help you answer that eternal question “Can I do that at the pool?”

W2 pool rules 5-18-16 Rev

Have a safe summer!

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