2016 Board Meeting Very Well Attended

The 2016 Board Meeting Held March 28th

Thank you to everyone that attended or sent in proxy forms for the Annual Board Meeting.  Not only did we have enough participants to make a quorum, 25% of unit owners, the in-person attendance completely filled the meeting room at the Chelmsford Senior Center.

Board Members Elected and Confirmed

Congratulations to elected members Carol Riley, Bob Todd and confirmed member Ed McCauley.  Bob and Carol will server a new three year term and Ed will fill out the vacancy created by Jan Spence’s leaving.

Overview, Finance and Questions

This post is not the official minutes of the meeting but I waned to quickly highlight what was discussed.

  • Jim Toscano, PMA, gave a review of the 2015 accomplishments and 2016 plans for the property.
  • Andy Malkasian gave the treasurers report noting the extra expenses incurred during last years tough winter.
  • And we discussed as a group fifteen different topics of concern or interest.  There isn’t space to list all the great back and forth but the topics discussed were:
    • Work Order priority and scheduling
    • Deck Replacement.
    • Bulkhead Replacement and water
    • Riverbank Stabilization; design review and shovel in the ground time frame.
    • Web Site relaunch and communications.
    • Secondary property access if road blocked by train.
    • Electrical cable work on the River street.
    • Transformer boxes and Verizon pedestals
    • Street lite replacements with LED
    • Fire Hydrants covered in snow
    • Pool Dates – Memorial Day to Labor Day
    • Nuisance pests

After 90 minutes or so of discussion the meeting broke up and we all headed out.

If you have any questions or would like us to expand on any topics above please reply or drop us a note.  We look forward to seeing you next year.

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